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So you wanted to see Our Phantom Quartz Points for Sale?

Well we do not have many Phantom Quartz Points but what we do have were part of a Museum Collection we acquired part of several years ago. The material in this museum all caught Mrs. Stanley’s eye for one reason or another as you watch the video I bet you can pick out what attracted her to many of the pieces shown here.



The Stanley Mineral Museum

We acquired them when Sonny Stanley was shutting down his moms “Stanley Mineral Museum”.  Mrs. Stanley housed many fine mineral specimens in her onsite museum building. She set these aside from Ocus Stanley’s mining and mineral dealings over a lifetime in the mineral business in Arkansas. This is a selection of single points with phantoms, we selected from the museum stock as Sonny was liquidating it for the benefit of the grandchildren. We will post other pieces from this acquisition as time and priority allow. The pieces that came with this acquisition range from small to large single quartz points, quartz clusters from small cabinet to very large, as well as a few pieces of Wavellite. If you have a particular area of interest let us know and we will move it up the priority list.


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Minerals for sale on eBay – Can you believe this?

This thread is for the discussion of the wonderful to outrageous minerals for sale on eBay. Feel free to post links to eBay mineral items for discussion in this thread! All off topic posts will be removed. Your response could look something like the one below and then all can reply with what we think of it. I just thought this would be a fun discussion.

This Golden Rutile on Clear Smoky Quartz is Stunning but I am not sure it is $26k Stunning!

Golden Rutile on Clear Smoky Quartz

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Hello Geo!

Glad to see you here! This is what we’re planning to have as our official website. Right now the links work, but it’s not as pretty as we’d like and we don’t many items listed yet. So for now, like and follow us on facebook and check back here often, or when we post notifications of major updates on! Thanks!

-IV and V